The Brantford Symphony Orchestra is pleased to offer online musical performance to elementary schools.

Thanks to previous funding received to assist us in this venture, we can offer performances at a cost of $50 per class. This program features a guest video series by Music by CandL. The concerts will be sent to teachers via a YouTube link. For more info, please email us at:

Below is some information about CandL and their performances, including a trailer for viewing: Welcome to Music By CandL! – YouTube

These videos are all based on the province-wide music curriculums and are ready to share with your students! Each one features specific lessons on musical concepts, chapters about composers and instruments from all around the world, special guest call-ins by professional musicians from all over Canada, animations, games, and songs. Each video is accompanied by a PDF that the teacher can choose to use for summative assessment purposes. Students can fill these out during or after watching the video. We hope you choose to enjoy our program and thank you for your time and consideration. To learn more about Music By CandL, please go to

Beginner A ( length: 21:29 )

The beginner series of videos are tailored to appeal to children in grades JK-grade two. This video focuses on the very fundamentals of music. Using songs, fun animations, and brief lessons, we talk about how we learn music like any language: by imitation and echoing. We learn about musical expression and talk about concepts in music such as happy vs. sad. Special guests Ryan Luchuck and Cindy Goh (Toronto-based vocal coaches), join us to demonstrate call-and-answer techniques. We learn about what a melody is, and special guest Anthony Bastianon (MD for Voices Rock Canada!) talks about where ideas for songs come from. We also give a brief introduction to the brass family of instruments, and special guest Tom McCaslin (principal tubist, Calgary Phil) calls in to demonstrate this lowest member of the brass family. We also give a brief lesson on the composer Gioachino Rossini and perform an excerpt from the William Tell Overture.

Beginner B ( length: 22:45 )

This video touches on the next steps in some important musical concepts. We begin with learning about what an ostinato is. Special guest Roman Tomé (Victoria-based percussionist) calls in to further demonstrate this. We learn about rounds and canons, and a few of our animated friends further demonstrate these musical forms around a campfire.  In addition, we include a chapter on the composer George Gershwin with a special performance by Colin and Bella the bird. Together they perform an excerpt from Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue.’ We also give a detailed and fun series of lessons in solfege from Do to Re to Mi.

Intermediate A ( length: 20:19 )

The intermediate series of videos is tailored for children in grades 3 to 5. In this video we focus on the concept of tempo and related musical terms. We give an introductory lesson on counting quarter notes and eighth notes and demonstrate how body movement can help us count or understand rhythms that are written out. Andrea Ciacci (Toronto-based pro dancer) joins us to show how we can move to match what we are hearing or feeling when we listen to music. Viewers will also enjoy an overview of instruments from the percussion family, as well as a brief lesson about the composer Jacques Offenbach and an excerpt performance from his song ‘The Can-Can.’ This video closes with a wonderful performance by barbershop quartet The Fabulous Doo Wop Boys, and we discuss why music is fun – even when you are practicing.

Intermediate B ( length: 20:54 )

This lighthearted video focuses on the partner song concept in music – which is the foundation of understanding fugues. We also talk about expression and dynamics and highlight the related Italian musical terms. Special guest Gord Hyland (Toronto-based saxophonist) joins us to demonstrate all of these dynamics on his tenor sax. We then go on to play a game with the CandL critters to further demonstrate these musical concepts. We also give a brief lesson on Pyotr Tchaikovsky and perform an excerpt from ‘The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.’ We showcase a few world instruments and give a simple lesson on major and minor chords.

Advanced A ( length: 24:19 )

The advanced series of videos is geared towards students in grades 6 to 8. Here we give a lesson on scales, and why they are important. We also discuss what musical intervals are, focusing on the largest: the octave. Special guest Travis Usher (Toronto-based shred metal guitarist) calls in to demonstrate how scales are useful when creating a solo. We also discuss a few of the most common time signatures, and why we use them. Special guests Ryan Luchuck and Cindy Goh (Toronto-based vocal coaches), call in to show different ways we can sing in harmony. We give a brief lesson about composer Aaron Copland and perform an excerpt from his ‘Fanfare for the Common Man.’  We end this video with a musical experiment, where we try playing a song in different styles and instruments to find the best fit.

Advanced B (length: 22:40 )

This video is best for students with a proficient background in music. Here we discuss what a musical form is, and focus specifically on the Rondo form. Special guest Anthony Bastianon (MD for Voices Rock Canada!) calls in to further discuss the Rondo form concept. We give a brief lesson on composer Fanny Mendelssohn and perform an excerpt from her song ‘Nachtwanderer.’ Animated CandL creature ‘Franky’ later joins us to help give an entertaining lesson on why stage presence and enunciation are important during a performance. We end the video with a lesson on the fundamentals of building a chord, discussing the root, 3rd and 5th and the roles these notes play.

We trust this musical adventure is of interest and would appreciate your response as soon as possible.


Joann Alho
Brantford Symphony Orchestra Co-Chair

Maureen Wills
Brantford Symphony Orchestra Co-Chair