Viennese Connection

It is our pleasure to present our shows to you, including Viennese Connection.  We invited BScene Owner-Publisher, Jason Freeze, and photographer Ida Adamowicz to our rehearsal. We’re pleased to share this review.

The Review | BScene | Jason Freeze

Music filled the air as the Brantford Symphony Orchestra graced the Sanderson Centre with their magical performance this afternoon. The stage was bustling with musicians, instruments and fanfares as they prepared for their big show. Unlike some other musical groups, the Brantford Symphony Orchestra only rehearses their set once before their performance.

This first concert of the 2015/2016 season brings listeners to the home of many famous Classical composers – Vienna. “Viennese Connections” offers a selection of music from Beethoven, Haydn, J. Strauss, and Mozart. You can find out more about the BSO and their performances here:

Make sure to Be Seen listening at the next concert with the Brantford Symphony Orchestra!

Photos | Wonderful Ida Photography | Ida Adamowicz

You can view the entire album online:

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